The Art of Defense: Let's Make a Shield!

By Famoré Cutlery (other events)

Saturday, June 3 2023 5:30 PM 7:30 PM CST

This class will be about making a simple shield. We will go over cutting EVA foam, different thicknesses of foam's best uses, adhesives, how to distress and add battle damage, paint jobs, and more! There will be a pattern for the base pieces and then you can add the pizzazz you want to the piece you can take home. We will probably not have enough time for paint job and all but we will create lists of tutorials and materials needed for you to get your perfect shield and can discuss different options in person. I can also keep pieces at my booth until end of day for anyone who needs a place to keep it while it dries or doesn't want it getting possible heat damage in their cars. This is a newbie-level class. 

Class Difficulty:

  • Entry: Anyone, no matter their skill level, can take the class.
  • Newbie: Has completed a sewing project or a similar project within that medium.
  • Intermediate: Has completed multiple projects of varying difficulties, but lacks certain knowledge and techniques.
  • Advanced: Is ready to learn just about anything and is ready to pick up a new skill!

Rune aka Vraskaa Cosplay is a cosplayer who has been creating costumes for 8 years. From workshops and panels at conventions, competing in international contests, crafting and wardrobe management for haunted houses, YouTube tutorials, and even being featured in Entertainment Weekly. They like learning new techniques and sharing them with anyone who will listen. So come on in and craft with them! You can find and follow them here!