Let's Get Lit: Intro to Electronics and Lighting For Cosplay

By Famoré Cutlery (other events)

Saturday, June 3 2023 10:00 AM 12:00 PM CST

Have you ever wanted to give the static part of your costume that extra little breath of life to help bring your fantasy into reality? In this panel, we go over the basics of electronics and components, from soldering, resistors, L.E.D's and other light sources, switches, power sources, and more advanced techniques like adding smoke effects, blinking and fading L.E.D's, and some basic Arduino and light array work. We will then get hands-on with some components and introduce the Bekonix platform for coding and interface creation.

Attendees will need to create an account with Bekonix before the class, and a laptop per attendee will be needed for the coding portion.

Class Difficulty:

  • Entry: Anyone, no matter their skill level, can take the class.
  • Newbie: Has completed a sewing project or a similar project within that medium.
  • Intermediate: Has completed multiple projects of varying difficulties, but lacks certain knowledge and techniques.
  • Advanced: Is ready to learn just about anything and is ready to pick up a new skill!

Master-level fabricator HDC has over ten years of experience crafting cinematic and hyper-realistic details in multi-medium props, costumes and special effects, including work for Amazon, Showtime, Blumhouse, Disney, Big Lots, Miller Lite, New Balance, Casey’s General Store, independent films and commercials. As a multi-award winning cosplayer and contest judge-turned industry professional, HDC continues to share his love, knowledge and passion of craftsmanship by creating educational panels and workshops for conventions and social media platforms.